Square in the eye

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You see black, I see gold

Depends on the eye who see

Hvis jeg forsvinner, ser du meg da?

One day we will reveal the truth

Theres a right, and a wrong time

Every time I see you in this world


In the senter of the universe

All I Need

Anything could happen

I know it's gonna be

These are the things

These are the things we lost in the fire


I had a talk with the shadow and the light

Elsket du henne mer enn meg?

Lot du henne komme nærmere?

If your still breathing you are the lucky one

Some collect names of the lovers that went wrong.


Joy is not in your arms.


Who will care for the fallen?

Lucky ones

Lets get out of this town.


Something old, something new, nothing borrowd but something blue.

some die young

Lights could guide me home

We are born in changes of season

Someones desiding

It was so easy, the words was so sweet.


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